Dr. Vincent’s Scare Emporium

This is where most of the action in Spooky Doofus will take place. Dr. Vincent’s is based more on smaller, family run retail establishments than it is the big box retailers that seem to dominate the landscape of our world. Small specialty boutiques usually have much more character and atmosphere than their mega-sized corporate counterparts, and those are two important things to this comic, character and atmosphere. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we meet Dr. Vincent’s star employee, Landon.

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  1. tyler durden

    love the number address on the door.

  2. Tiana

    More than just the Corleone family’s in need of horse heads, eh?

  3. Greg Bulmash

    Looking forward to what comes next. Good luck!

  4. reynard61

    “(…)false positive pregnancy tests(…)”

    Yep, that’s pretty horrid alright…

  5. MLapierre

    Tyler, not too far from my house there’s a costume/ magic shop with that address #!

  6. Deth Invictus

    Everybody will just love Vincent’s Prices! ;)

  7. Centaur12

    The pregnancy test had me SCREAMING w/ laughter ( but the dead horse weirded me out a little…) 8-O

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