Just a little bit further…

This ghoulish sweet old lady may or may not become a recuring character. I’m happy with the character design and I’ve even given her a name, but as of this writting, I haven’t come up with another reasone for her to return. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll see more of good ol’ Ma Cobb.

I want to thank everybody who has checked out Spooky Doofus this week. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a new comic and our regular 2 day a week schedule. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. tyler durden

    it’s a good thing she didn’t buy 14 bags of cement.

  2. Tiana

    I love her window above the door!

  3. Deth Invictus

    Remember lil doggy, she’s old and tough! ;)

  4. handyhippie65

    no good deed goes unpunished. lol!

  5. Centaur12

    Aren’t little ol’ ladies just the sweetest things?

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