Pinkerton is one of my favorite comics on the web. For my money, creator Mike Witmer writes some of the best dialog of any comic out there today. I’m not sure from what part of the brain Mike pulls¬† the snappy banter his characters like utter on a regular basis, but I’m jealous.¬† Characters like Buckley the rodent eating fox or Tucker the alcoholic divorced rabbit make for one entertaining wacky fun time.

A couple of years ago, when Mike was taking some time off to hit the sauce… um… take a vacation, I submitted this guest strip. It’s a parody of A Hard Day’s Night, the Beatles first motion picture. I’m a huge Beatles fan, so it seemed only natural to put Mike’s Furry Four in place of the Fab Four. If you haven’t seen the film, this strip spoofs one of the first scenes where we are introduced to Paul McCartney’s grandfather.

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  1. Vince LoGreco

    Love it!

  2. wit

    For the record, Marc’s guest strip is one of my all-time favorites. It’s hanging over my drawing table to remind me how real artists roll.

  3. John McCarthy

    This is @#$%&!! genius.
    Marc, you rock.

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