imaginethis-mlapierreHere is look at a guest strip I did for one of my good internet buddies, Lucas Turnbloom. Lucas’ hilarious strip, Imagine THIS is another of my favorites. Featuring a cantankerous teddy bear named Clovis, a dim witted, but lovable toy dinosaur named Dewey, and a pathetic looser named Darin. Do yourself a huge favor and check out Imagine THIS!

For this guest strip, I chose to parody the great film, Fight Club. It felt like a natural fit to me because both Fight Club and Imagine THIS feature goofy shlubs with aggressive imaginary alter egos.

Below is a sketch I did of Dewey before putting the strip together:

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  1. dgriff13

    awesoooooooome! I love me some Fight Club. And he hit him in the EAR too!

  2. tyler_durden

    first rule of fight club..we do not talk about fight club.
    second rule..WE DO NOT TALK OF FIGHT CLUB!!

  3. Tiana

    I love dewey!

  4. John McCarthy

    Do we share all the same favorites?
    Beyond that–are you planning on guesting all of my/our favorites?

  5. John McCarthy

    BTW: I lOVE the blue non-repro above. GREAT rendering.

  6. Lucas

    That Dewey is WAAAAY better than mine.

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