Here we are officially introduced to D.K., Landon’s old friend. If you’ve been reading for a while now and feel like you’ve seen this guy before, you’re right. D.K. made a minor walk on appearance in the “Def Leppard strip”.

Now, I love me some Star Trek. While I’m a fan of most Trek shows, (except Voyager, never really got into Voyager) it was the Next Generation that started it all for me. I spent my high school and college years glued to the tube when NextGen was on. This little story line is just my way of saying thank you to the people who brought me one of my favorite shows.

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  1. Bridget

    Betazoid wedding dress, lol. Love it. Great job!

  2. tyler_durden

    sad…so so sad.
    this just means ed has a better shot at a date with summer than landon does.

  3. David

    I must admit to changing the channel when a movie comes on and there’s a particularly scary part and then changing back. I give it 20 seconds. My thought is that if it doesn’t happen in within 20 seconds of the scary music then it probably is safe. :)

  4. Tiana

    yeah, those guys are all about the Latinum! I remember my whole family being glued to the tube – clutching pillows, hoping they’d all make it….because, hey – if you can’t make it in space….
    Mr. Roddenberry is in his own section of heaven – thanking you for this strip. Count on it, friend.

  5. DadaHyena

    Jeez, I feel so left out. The only ‘Star Trek’ I’ve ever seen was when they went to San Francisco to steal some whales…well, I thought it was funny!

  6. DJ "..."Granstaff

    Hey, just found this site on accident using stumble. Keep up the good work, your stuff is pretty damn funny, I done read about twenty of ‘em. Also swing by fuzznuts.spiderspawn.com, thats a comic i write and my friend draws.

  7. Centaur12

    Did you know that Betazoid wedding dresses and birthday suits…are one and the same? ;-)

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