If you haven’t heard by now my good buddy, Brock Heasley of SuperFogeys fame, has a comic currently in competition at Zuda called MONSTERPLEX. Brock recently put out an open call for Monsterplex fan art over at the Official Monsterplex Blog, so I put my pencil into action and whipped up this little pin up of Priscilla. Click on the image to head over to the Monsterplex Blog and see the whole finished image.

For those of you that like the behind the scenes type stuff, I have posted a shot of the pencils for this pin up. Enjoy!

As I type this, there is a little less than a week left in the competition and Monsterplex could use every vote it can get. So head over to Zuda and vote, favorite, and comment away.

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  1. Lucas

    Dude, that is REALLY good!

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