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Show of hands, who gets a little chuckle out of thought of Landon in high school? I think I may have to revisit our favorite werewolf’s early days.

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  1. David

    That would be awesome! Just the thought of exploding frogs has me curious. :)

  2. Tiana

    I would love to see the haunted high school! nice Geordi, btw!

  3. Tony

    I just like reading the “Tags” list (“One of these things is not like the others…”)

  4. Jeff

    This is a world-class punchline. So, so funny.

  5. tyler_durden

    ok,i had frogs blowing up on me while i was growing up but that had something to do with the M-80 i shoved up their…boy will you look at the time.

  6. Kurobara

    Heh heh, I love teen Landon’s “wtf just happened” face. PRICELESS.

  7. Phixed

    boom science is the best science

  8. Centaur12

    Was he working on a FROG grenade? (frag-grenade) ;-D

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