They’re Gone

Just when Landon thought he was safe… it’s another one of those “DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM” moments.

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  1. tyler_durden

    ok,i even felt a “twang” on the ole heart string on this one… i think.

  2. Al Quesada


  3. Tiana

    I knew that little old lady was too sweet…

  4. Kurobara

    You know, if I were Landon, I’d be wanting to kick that little thing if it weren’t all sad looking.

  5. novascottch

    Awwwww. I take back my angry thoughts towards children. Still, it seems a bit suspicious…

  6. Centaur12

    Oh no…I feel a heart-wrenching moment coming on… (*Vigil* from Rocky II starts playing here)

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