It’s no big secret that the style of Spooky Doofus is heavily influenced by the classic Universal Studios monster movies. For this piece I wanted to take that influence all the way and render a tribute to the King of the Universal Monsters, Count Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi. I originally started this a pencil sketch while on lunch break at my day job. I posted a shot of the pencils HERE via Twitter a couple of days ago. After the pencil sketch was done, I placed a sheet of vellum over it and began inking. I used a combo of fountain pen and brush pen with some King Size Sharpie brought in for some of the heavy black areas. (Make sure you crack a window when using one of those bad boys, kids!)

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  1. Roland

    You know I went to the doctor cause I thought he was sick, a bit discoloration in the face, it turns out I’m green with envy…

  2. tyler_durden

    absolutly love this! just one question…where is boris karloff??

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