A while back, good friend and fellow cartoonist, Lucas Turnbloom asked for my assistance in a big project of his. Aside from his wonderfully wacky comic Imagine THIS, he has an all new, all ages graphic novel in the works. This graphic novel was in need of some color for it’s cover, and Lucas enlisted my mighty Photoshop skills to add some C, M, & Y to his K (sorry, lame printing joke). Anyway, here’s a small peek at Lucas’ dramatic cover with my colorful embellishments. For a little better look at the cover and announcements on Lucas’ other projects check out THIS blog entry. Of course, as soon as I know more about when the book is available, I will let you all know.

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  1. Lucas

    Thank you SO much for helping me, bud. It looks awesome! I owe you some artwork VERY soon!


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