Guest Strip: Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert & Fred

While I take a day with the new baby, my good friend Dawn Griffin of the wonderful sci-fi comedy webcomic, Zorphbert & Fred has generously donated her time to produce this great guest spot. Why not go check out Dawn’s comic and tell her “Thanks” for helping out the Doofus! Next Tuesday I’ll be back with another all new regular Spooky Doofus strip. Tune in as we watch Landon walk to work.

Baby Update:

(If you missed my announcement on Tuesday, check it out HERE) Well, friends, mommy and baby are home, happy, and healthy. Big sister Zoe loves her new sister, Penelope and can’t wait to show her how to give daddy grey hairs. Here’s a little pic of my girls hanging out at the hospital.

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  1. tyler durden

    that is awesome!

  2. dgriff13

    ADORABLE pic, big time congrats to you, Daddy! and for all your grey hairs! Glad to help out, this piece was fun ;0)

  3. Tiana

    neat! glad you’re all doing well at home. love to you and the girls!

  4. Irma

    ADORABLE!!! (both strip & sisters)

  5. Kurobara

    Both of those little girls are just adorable! I hope you know how to say no, because it looks like they’ll try to wrap you around their little fingers!

  6. Centaur12

    I’m WAAAY jealous of you and your terrific family Marc. I hope I become that fortunate someday. God bless…(wipes tear from eye)

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