Guest Strip: Benj Christensen

This week’s guest strip come from the most excellent Benj Christensen. Way back in 2007, when I was working on my first venture into the wonderful world of web based comics, Benj was one of the first creators I got to know online. His hysterical comic I Am Geek has gone through several evolutionary stages since those days, yet the core geek culture based humor has remained strong and fresh. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, comic books, video games, and RPGs, I Am Geek is the perfect comic for you. I highly recommend taking a day or two and digging though the archives. Thank you, Benj for lending a helping hand!

Another baby announcement!

As if welcoming a second daughter last week wasn’t enough for my family, I now have the honor of being a new uncle! A couple of days ago, my sister and her husband brought their son into the world! So I just want to throw out a special “Hello” to my nephew Cole Thomas Mayotte. Drawing lessons with Uncle Marc begin as soon as you can grasp a pencil.

Be sure to come back on Tuesday for another All New Original Spooky Doofus!

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  1. tyler durden

    awesome strip! anyone got a 55 gallon can of RAID?

  2. reynard61

    Gotta wonder if *he* spun the World-Wide Web…

  3. Kurobara

    Meh, you don’t need Raid. You just need Sunday’s newspaper.

  4. Centaur12

    I’m not here, peeps; there’s a hole in the wall in the shape of my running silhouette… 8-O

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