Guest Strip: Irma Eriksson

Today’s guest strip come from one of the true sweethearts of webcomics, Irma Eriksson. Irma deserves a huge “Thank You” because she managed to squeeze in this strip in between moving, working a day job, keeping up her own comic, and getting the first Imy book put together! That Imy book, by the way, is scheduled to debut at the New York Comic Con this October! If you’re headed to NYCC, make sure you track her down an pick up a copy. If you can’t make it to NYCC, don’t fret, Irma will be selling the book through her website in November. Inside the book you’ll also find a special pin up by your truly!

Baby Update

We’ve settled into a nice groove of constant feedings, naps, and diaper changes. Sleep is something that comes in small doses now, but since I do a webcomic, I’m used to late nights and early mornings. Baby Penny seems to be happy with how things are working out so far, though. Here’s proof:

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I’ll be back here on Tuesday with a “hot” new Spooky Doofus! See you then.

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  1. Irma

    Awww man, you’re too kind, Marc,! Thank you for that sweet write up :) And I guess I really have to finish that book now, huh?? *panic* (actually, it’s going well… or I keep telling myself that anyway :) )

  2. Isabell

    Love Irma’s comic! Love this! Love the adorable baby! :) )

  3. Daniel

    Awesome! Love the tin foil hat! :D

  4. Tiana

    Great job Irma! tin foil hats never go out of fashion ;)

  5. tyler_durden

    tin foil and duct tape…solutions for everything!
    awesome job!

  6. wit

    Very cool, Irma. Nice job

  7. Kurobara

    Tin foil : a government conspirist’s best friend.

  8. Irma

    I’m glad you like it guys, thank you! It was a LOT of fun drawing Ed and Landon! :) Ed just cracks me up :D

  9. Lucas

    Excellent, Irma!!

  10. CF softie

    Smiling at 17 days old?! She’s a precocious little thing!

    Love the guest comic!

  11. Centaur12

    I remenber those, as well as Vans sneakers; I used to fold up ‘footballs’ in detention back in the 80′s myself.

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