Guest Strip: Lucas Turnbloom

Today’s historic Spooky Guest Strip comes from my cartooning brother-from-another-mother, Lucas Turnbloom of Imagine This! Why do I call this “historic”, you ask? This marks the first time Dr. Vincent, founder of our favorite Scare Emporium, himself has been rendered visually. Truth be told, I never really gave much thought to Dr. Vincent as a character, I just thought it would be a cool name for the store. Having seen Lucas’ wonderful gag, though, my imagination has been shot out of a cannon thinking of all sorts of wacky, freaky things Dr. Vincent could be getting into. So, keep reading, Spooky Fans, Dr. Vincent will be making a proper appearance in the town of Renfield Square!

Now, it would be bad form on my part to not call your attention to the fact that Lucas has a brand new Imagine This collection available now right HERE! I ordered mine. What are you waiting for? You might even find a little guest strip by yours truly inside!

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  1. Lucas

    This was truly a blast to do, bud. Thanks for letting me tinker around with your characters. Enjoy your time off, and your new bundle of happiness!

  2. Kurobara

    I really love the style, and the joke was hilarious! Keep up the good work Lucas!

  3. Shea M.

    Lucas – Absolute hilarity! I love Ed’s face in the last panel.
    Marc – Congrats on the inspiration! I look forward to seeing Dr. Vincent again :)

  4. tyler_durden

    he’s human…THE HORROR!!!!
    great job lucas!

  5. Jeff Carter

    Dude! I was just wondering the other day if we would ever get to meet the proprietor of the Scare Emporium,a nd this kinda makes perfect sense! Nice job, Mr. Turnbloom!

  6. tiana

    that was great! thanks for the intro to THAT frightening dude!

  7. Centaur12

    The taxman cometh…

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