Guest Strip: Roland Perez

Today’s Spooky Guest Strip comes from Roland Perez of Metal Jaw Comics. You’ve seen Roland’s work in all the fan art he’s contributed, and now you finally get to see him take on a full Spooky strip! If you enjoy the zany supernatural antics that happen here, check out Roland’s site and read his comic Z & G. Huge thanks to Roland for this great strip and for his loyalty and support!

Coming up, I’ll be experimenting with a new feature here at the Doofus. Spooky Sketch Sunday will bring a page out of my sketchbook depicting various supernatural creatures and characters. This will offer an expanded peek into the world of Renfield Square.

On Tuesday I’ll be back again with a new Spooky strip in which Ed helps Landon find some relief from the heat wave.

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  1. Oddbody

    gotta love chili induced nightmares. LOL

    great strip. :)

  2. tyler_durden

    now that’s a werewolf’s true nightmare!
    awesome job!

  3. Tiana

    chili before bed is never a good idea! :)

  4. Kurobara

    Heh heh, and neither is green tea…trust me.

  5. Centaur12

    The last time I ate chili before bed, I had Kafka dreams that would make Freud throw out his entire cigar collection in a sobbing rage! I feel Landon’s pain…

  6. Gauvain

    Silver Bullet Blues anyone?

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