This week, Spooky Doofus is back to it’s regular Tuesday Thursday schedule, but that doesn’t mean I can’t squeeze in one more piece of guest art. This one comes from Brad Joyce. Brad has been a loyal supporter of my silly drawings for years now and for that alone he’s earned my never ending gratitude. Now comes this wonderful piece that just makes me smile! The gag in this piece is a nod to my daughters, Zoe and Penny. Zoe is often lovingly nick named “Zoe Monster” mostly because she shares a name with Elmo’s friend on Sesame Street, while Penelope I’ve referred to as a “hungry little monkey” on more than one occasion due to her hollow legs. (BTW, 50 points to anyone who can guess what the “Were-Human” poster is a reference to.)

If you’re on Facebook, check out Flip & Barrel, the charming little comic Brad works on (with another guy named Brad… it’s all very confusing). Flip and Barrel are a couple of brothers doing what brothers do best, get into crazy trouble! Check them out and be sure to click the mighty “Like” button!

I’ll leave you today with a little group shot of me and my girls sitting in the kitchen looking at my new Macbook Pro!

For the record, we're in our kitchen, not as many have guessed, a bathroom.

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  1. tyler_durden

    thanks for the kind words Marc…your money will be arriving in the mail soon!

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