Check out this terrific piece of quality sketching from one of the true gentlemen of webcomics, Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies fame. This was originally posted by Krishna via Twitter a few days ago. He had asked his Twitter followers for suggestions of other webcomic characters he should draw. I half jokingly suggested he draw Landon, and next thing I know, there’s this great sketch of ¬†our werewolf hero!

I liked Krishna’s sketch so much, that I thought, “Hey, why not try inking over it myself.” I’ve never inked someone else’s work before, so I figured it would make a nice exercise for me. So, below is my inks over Krishna’s sketch. I only hope I’ve done justice to the original sketch.

Thanks, again, Krishna!

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  1. Krishna

    The inks look GREAT, Marc! Thanks for sharing! (and we should definitely collaborate together on another piece sometime!) :)

  2. Michele2554

    Great job to both of the artists! So much talent and skill!

  3. tiana

    I like! nice sketch, Krishna – and ink job too, Marc!

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