I drew this week’s Spooky Sketch Sunday installment while watching the new So-Bad-It’s-Awesome Roger Corman produced movie, Sharktopus! The idea of Sharktopus is so ridiculous that I couldn’t resist sketching the beast. I’m not exactly sure why I decided to put a monocle and a top hat on him, but it just felt like the right thing to do. My wife, however is ready to have me committed after seeing this drawing.

Watch me draw this sketch at super speed!

The actual drawing took me slightly more than 20 minutes, I’ve sped up the video here and added some music to make it a little more entertaining. The song you hear is the theme song from “Sharktopus” by the Cheetah Whores.

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  1. Jeff Carter

    Well, this is obviously a Victorian Gentleman Sharktopus, very common on the British shores in the late 1800′s, duh!

  2. Irma

    LOVED that video!! *sigh* If talent were currency then you’d be a billionaire.

  3. Samantha

    I enjoyed the drawing and the video and the movie last night with the family! Great fun all around!!

  4. tiana

    just watched it with Sam, who thinks it’s VERY silly (that it’s so fast) and VERY cool :) he also just asked me for a piece of paper & pencil and is off to draw his own creation. I really enjoyed the video – I miss seeing you at work! VERY COOL!

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