It’s October now, and that’s the perfect time of year for good spooky fun! Nothing says good spooky fun like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! October without Elvira is like December without Santa… if instead of being a fat, jolly bearded guy, Santa was a buxom, seductive B-movie host with a campy sense of humor!

This was a challenging drawing to do, requiring a firm grasp of anatomy and almost religious attention to detail. The key to any good drawing is good reference. One must be willing to pour over pages and pages of photographs of the subject in order to properly capture their essence. Never let it be said I don’t suffer for my art!

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  1. tiana

    You do take your work seriously ;) Great sketch!

  2. reynard61

    “Never let it be said I don’t suffer for my art!”

    If that’s “suffering”, then I want to be a masochist too!

    (Yeah, I’m an Elvira fan myself. Great picture!)

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