Since I’m currently braving the hoards of geeks, artists, cosplayers, and other n’er do wells at the New York Comic Con, I thought there’s no more appropriate monster to draw for Spooky Sketch Sunday than King Kong! You’ll have to pardon the brief posting, but there’s a lot to do and to see here, and not a lot of time for typing, so enjoy the sketch!

BTW, keen eyed observers may notice that Kong is holding none other than a really tiny Imy!

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  1. tiana

    awesome! he looks totally crazed and I love it :)

  2. reynard61

    Well, if you’re gonna go ape (as opposed to going to APE) then Imy’s the one to monkey around with! (Just don’t let Jeff find out, he doesn’t like being played for a chimp chump…)

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