With Halloween right around the corner, I thought the time was right for a zombie sketch. Instead of drawing your average, everyday random zombies, I thought it would be fun to turn some of my favorite webcomic characters into Romero-esque stumbling undead creatures. In this sketch you’ll find representatives from 10 different webcomics. I would have loved to have drawn more, but my paper was only so big.

We have Space Pig from Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys, Bill from David Reddick’s Legend of Bill, Steve from Mike Witmer’s Pinkerton, Imy from Irma Eriksson’s Imy (of course), Bob from Krishna Sadasivam’s PC Weenies, Zorphbert from Dawn Griffin’s Zorphbert & Fred, Clovis from Lucas Turnbloom’s Imagine This, Chippy from John Sanford’s Chippy & Loopus, Carl from Matt Forcum’s Robot Beach, and the little tiny guy is Bug from Adam Huber’s Bug.

I really hope the creators of these fine comics don’t mind my zombification of their babies. This drawing is intended as both a love letter and a thank you note to these artists whom I admire. They each set the bar real high in their own ways and inspire me to keep Spooky Doofus going.

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  1. Mat

    That is totally rockin! I love it!

  2. Krishna

    Very, very cool! Beautiful work, Marc!

  3. Lucas

    That is just, pure awesomeness!

  4. wit

    I love that sketch!

  5. David Reddick

    Marc! Man, this is FANTASTIC!! Look for it at LegendofBill.com tomorrow!!! Thank you buddy! I am honored, because YOU’RE one of MY favorite cartoonists! (as are everyone on this list, whom I also count as friends! ;-) Happy Halloween everyone!

  6. John Sanford

    This is a lot of fun! And of course, you draw Chippy better than I do. I love it!

  7. Marshall

    The Bug rocks!

  8. Irma

    I thought I commented here already. But apparently not. LOVE it Marc! Thanks for featuring Imy!!! And Bug is hilarious! :)

  9. Og

    Ha! Most awesomest bunch of zombie freaks ever! Nice going, Marc!

  10. Goeber

    Nice work! :)

  11. Jared

    Haha! This is great! Nice work!

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