Ghost Mouse?

A present for Landon? Lucky guy, it’s not even his birthday!

Welcome New Readers!

Whether you found this site after picking up a copy of my free mini comic at NEWW or you clicked through after reading my guest strip running at Legend of Bill, I want to take a moment to welcome you  to my humble little comic.

What’s going on here? This strip takes place in a little town called Renfield Square, a town populated by all sorts of supernatural creatures. The werewolf is Landon and the ghost is Ed. together they work in a store called Dr. Vincent’s Scare Emporium, a shop specializing in scary things. Landon is a decent, hard working fellow who is a little awkward around the ladies. Ed is a complete moron and a constant source of frustration for Landon. Right now in the story, Landon is cat-sitting for Summer, a vampire girl he has a huge crush on, but keeps him planted firmly in the “friend zone”. If you’re really interested, feel free to start from the beginning right HERE. So thank you checking out my comic, and I hope you’ll stick around and tell your friends!

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  1. tiana

    thanks for not showing the “present” – nice use of the “mystery hook” too ;)

  2. tyler_durden

    my cat has left two headless squirrels on my porch so i wonder if there are 2 headless ghost squirrels bumping into things?

  3. Kurobara

    My cat leaves birds squirrels, rats, AND mice on my porch…all of which seem to be missing the upper half of their bodies…

  4. Shea M.

    Thank goodness my cats are indoors-only! Of course, that doesn’t stop my parents’ dog from bringing in a dead chewed-up mole… like they did last night after dinner… (shudder)

  5. Centaur12

    OH GAWD! First Ed, now the mouse; Marc, why are you doing this to poor Landon? :-(

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