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Just to recap, Esteban Chupacabra is an versatile actor who has been trying to put his embarrassing goat sucking past behind him. Summer left her cat Watsnu in Landon’s care while she and Esteban went away on what was supposed to be a romantic vacation.

Landon spotted out drinking with woodland creatures!

Check out yesterday’s installment of Mike Witmer’s verbally dexterous Pinkerton and look for a little cameo of our favorite werewolf having a drink at Fern’s! Mike always brings the funny in ways seldom seen in human history. If you’re not reading Pinkerton, then you must hate fun.

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  1. tyler_durden

    love the point of view in the first panel!

  2. Kurobara

    Last panel nearly made me fall out of my chair, I was laughing so hard. xD

  3. Tiana

    perspective is just too cool today! can’t wait to see how Esteban handles this!!!!

  4. Shea M.

    YES! The return of Esteban Chupacabra – I love him :0D Awesome.

  5. Centaur12

    Summer; Oh sweety, let’s GOAT get something to eat.
    (Estaban’s about to get his…) >:-)

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