Still Attracted?

So, Esteban is over his goat problem… right?

Short post today as I get ready for Thanksgiving diner on Thursday. If you’re not too busy gorging on turkey and cranberry sauce, please stop by for another all new Spooky Doofus comic!

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  1. Debbie D

    I love the goat’s fishnet stockings! Nice touch (and frightening, for that matter) :)

  2. tyler_durden

    ok,you know i’m a horror nut so don’t take this comment lightly…that’s the most disturbing thing i’ve ever seen.

  3. Pixie

    *blink* ok the goat in the last panel makes me want to curl up in a ball and rock back and forth…

    Well DONE!

  4. Tiana

    you still got it, man! *shivers*

  5. The Carter

    Reminds me of a certain radio flyer from way back when! :)

  6. dgriff13

    hate to know what your wife thought when she walked in on you drawing that last panel ;0)

  7. Goeber

    The goats stockings are funny. :)

  8. Centaur12

    Right, even though she’s the one who’s horny…

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