Clowns. There is something inherently creepy about them with their pasty white make up, painted smiles, and corny magic tricks. All the creepiness aside, I do find them a awful lot of fun to draw. This drawing is what happens when I draw a clown and crank the creepy up to 11!

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  1. enchantma

    Oh man, that’s so awesome! I love the scary animal balloon.

  2. Georga

    I hate clowns. They creep me out beyond words but there is something about this one…he’s awesome and the balloon animal rules! :0)

  3. tyler_durden

    this guy could give pennywise a run for his money!

  4. Tiana

    wow, there are so many creepy elements here I don’t think I can look much longer without freaking myself out!

  5. Shea M.

    That’s actually really cute, like Charlie Chaplin… I think it’s the expression, like he doesn’t quite understand what happened in his life to get him to this very point. So sad…

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