She Kissed Me

Ample payment for watching someone’s pet, wouldn’t you say? Now let’s get down to business:

I’ve opened up a page where you can order a custom sketch drawn by me of just about anybody you want. If you’re a fan of my Spooky Sketch Sunday posts or my lunch time sketches I post on Twitter, you’ll love this opportunity! They make great gifts, too!

In Other News:

My good buddy, Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert & Fred and the Webcomic Alliance got married recently in a lovely fall ceremony. ┬áIn an effort to give Dawn and her husband, Rick, a little time off, a bunch of us webcomic type folks have been chipping in guest strips and art. My guest strip for Z & F went up yesterday. Head on over and check out what happens when aliens “improve” a seating chart for a human wedding!

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  1. Chaseman113

    Go Landon!!

  2. Kurobara

    His reaction made my morning. xD

  3. tyler_durden

    Landon just steamed his clothes wrinkle free!

  4. Pixie

    Awwwwww! See? Landon taking the cat and suffering all it had to give put him in a great light. Hurray Landon!

  5. Tiana


  6. Chris Watkins

    Clean up in aisle 9! (Does Bounty quicker-pick-up melted werewolf?)

  7. Roland

    If that is the reaction from just a kiss, maybe a relationship would be the death of him… of course it would be worth it…

  8. Centaur12

    That reminds me of Toht from at the end of Raiders, when they opened the Ark (but in a happy way) and as always, your artwork kicks @$$ Marc!

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