The Years Have Not Been Kind

You never know what or who you’ll find in Renfield Square. Poor little Q*bert. I always did have a soft spot in my heart for the little box hopping guy.

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  1. Irma

    Ha! Awwwwww. I played that game once in my life, when a friend of mine had Atari. Actually, I don’t even think I played it. I think she hogged it. Hpmh!

    Funny that we both just did comics relating to games from our childhood! :)

  2. tyler_durden

    up next,a “behind the video game” story on Q-bert and how he ended up homeless.

  3. Dan W

    Oh man! I LOVE Q*bert!

  4. Tiana

    just awesome

  5. thecheckeredman

    Q*BERT! Nooooooooooooooooooo! What happened to you man (err…it….thing…)

    Marc, thanks for giving this icon from my youth a job in your webcomic! :-)

  6. Andy

    Seeing Q*bert homeless tugged on my wife’s heart strings. I was more of a Kirby fan, myself. Was Kirby a ghost?
    Don’t worry Q*bert. Kirby will take you in and feed you.

  7. Greg Bulmash

    Awesome Q*bert, Marc. That last panel has t-shirt potential.

  8. morbius

    Derelict Adventure

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