Not in your hand.

Ed, defending the common man against the lies of the major candy companies!

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  1. Roland

    whoa… they almost looked like E’s for a second… maybe we can get a class action suit going! lol

  2. rutherford

    Those dirty lying bastards. I’m starting to believe the Reese peanut butter cups weren’t an accident.

  3. Sean

    Wait a minute. Aren’t M&Ms suppose to melt in your mouth not in your hand? There’s something screwy going on, or my name isn’t lademore. And it isn’t.

  4. tyler_durden

    This is why I keep my M&m’s in the freezer!

  5. Andy

    Nice touch showing the M&M’s through Ed’s hand.

  6. reynard61

    @ Roland: Can I join? I opened a package and got a bunch of 3&3s.

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