This week’s Spooky Sketch Sunday is all about Boris Karloff. With his iconic portrayal of Frankenstein’s Monster, Karloff set the gold standard for movie monsters.

Boris Karloff is such a huge pillar of horror culture, I couldn’t just do one sketch as a tribute. Below I’ve posted a gallery of some other Karloff sketches I’ve done.

If you dig these drawings, be sure to check out the Karloff as The Mummy brush pen drawing I posted a while back:

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  1. Stephen

    Man, those old Universal horror movies are some of my favorites. Great stuff!

  2. thecheckeredman

    Karloff is where it begins and ends with Frankenstein IMHO! I love, love, love the old Universal monster flicks…

  3. Andy

    The Prisma Markers REALLY make this! Outstanding work as always!

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