I’m Rich Now

Sometimes life just ain’t fair. You bust your butt and some jerk falls into a pile of money with some stupid lawsuit. Just ain’t fair.

BTW, just as a refresher, Ed’s lawsuit started HERE.

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  1. Matt


  2. Flopside

    Ed has bow tie how can this get any better. So awesome!

  3. Flopside

    *has a bowtie. Silly typo

  4. Debbie D

    I’m just waiting to see what Ed’s definition of rich is – it might be just enough money for the bow tie and top hat…

  5. ROLFE

    A monocle wearing character in a webcomic?

    What a ludicrous idea… it’ll never work!



  6. thecheckeredman

    Poor Landon…I hear yah brotha!

    But even he has to admit Ed looks pretty dapper in his top hat and bow tie!


  7. Andy

    Ed will be the next to be sued for taking Mr. Peanut’s b!/(#!%!g out fit.

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