My good friend, Zorphbert & Fred creator and founding member of the Webcomic Alliance, Dawn Griffin has organized a charity auction to benefit the victims of the recent quake and tsunami in Japan. She’s auctioning off an amazing all-star jam piece featuring sketches collected at the C2E2 Convention in Chicago, IL. Here’s a quote from Dawn with more details:

The Webcomic Alliance members recently exhibited at Chicago’s C2E2 Comic Convention, and collected these awesome sketches from many renowned artists and creators in the comic industry. In efforts to promote the Comics For Japan project (please visit the website for more details), I am posting this collaborative piece for auction, in which 100% of the proceeds will go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. The Comics For Japan project has inspired me to use the talents and connections I have, to hopefully be able to donate more than what I could afford on my own.I will carefully ship you the sketch FOR FREE (S&H charges are on me), and your money goes towards helping victims in Japan. A win-win situation! I know this economy is rough… but trust me, it could be MUCH much worse. Lets help those who have it worse.

Here is a listing of the artists who donated a SIGNED sketch, as well as their comics or projects:

Randy Milholland of “Something Positive”
Danielle Corsetto of “Girls With Slingshots”
Joel Watson of “Hijinks Ensue”
Dave Willis of “Shortpacked”
James Silvani of “Darkwing Duck”
Lar DeSouza of “Least I Could Do”
Charles Paul Wilson III of “The Stuff of Legend”
Dave Reynolds of “Shadowgirls”
Alan Evans of “Rival Angels
Glenn “GW” Fisher of “”
W. Byron Wilkins of “1977 The Comic”
Dawn Griffin of “Zorphbert and Fred”

Click HERE to go to the eBay Auction Page!

And if you cannot afford the sketch piece.. there are other ways to help:

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    thanks for helping to get the word out, Marc!

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