One of the last carriers of the Y chromosome in his family line, Marc Lapierre is the older brother to three sisters and father of two young daughters. In an effort to keep this fragile flickering flame of masculinity alive, Marc has dedicated himself towards only the most manly of pursuits. Sipping fine whiskey, manual labor, beard growing, and cartooning are all among Marc’s macho endeavors.

Chief among these endeavors is cartooning, for nothing says rugged man of action like sitting alone in a corner drawing pictures of talking dogs and flying men in capes. Marc has practiced this many craft in the webcomics realm since 2007 with the debut of the now defunct family friendly strip Boxcar Astronaut. In 2009, Marc granted the internet one of it’s crown jewels in his solo webcomic, Spooky Doofus, which features a motley crew of supernatural creatures and entities. Then in 2011, Marc heeded the call from fellow manly cartoonist, and SuperFogeys creator, Brock Heasley, and joined him in his heroic crusade to save the world one comic strip at a time. As of March 2011, Marc is the new regular artist for the SuperFogeys comic.

Marc can be reached at marc (at) spookydoofus (dot) com and is available for commissions. To see more of Marc’s art, check out his Facebook page at or read The SuperFogeys!

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