Landon is a mild mannered, everyman (or should I say every-wolfman) who works hard and tries to make the best of his job at Dr. Vincent’s Scare Emporium. For the most part, Landon really enjoys his job, however he would be much happier if it weren’t for one particular co-worker. Landon also has a crush on Summer, but will never admit just how bad that crush is.
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Fellow Dr. Vincent’s employee, Ed tends to float through his day blissfully unaware of his own intellectual inadequacies.
Chronically late, habitually lazy, and obnoxiously optimistic, this ghost is the bane of poor Landon’s existence.
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Ma Cobb
A loyal customer of Dr. Vincent’s Scare Emporium for the better part of the last two centuries, Ma Cobb has lived in Renfield Square her entire after-life. She’s a sweet old ghoul who wouldn’t hurt a soul (intentionally, that is).
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Summer is a vampire who likes to hang out at the local rock club, Klub Karloff. She’s into rocking out with the local bands, flirting with shy little werewolves, and putting ketchup all over her fries.
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The one guy who gets to spend the most cuddle time with Summer is her pussycat, Watsnu. A feline with many surprises, Watsnu is always ready for action… when he’s not taking one of his patented long naps.
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Esteban Chupacabra is a classically trained actor who has starred in several plays, musicals, and telenovelas. His slight
arrogance is a cover for his deep insecurities surrounding an embarrassing past he can never live down. Despite all his noble,
gentlemanly ways, his many acting awards, and his classy smoking jacket, he will always be remembered as the Goat Sucker.
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The Goat
The source of Esteban’s embarrassment. His unnatural attraction to this farm animal has all but ruined his reputation as a gentleman.
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Wrapped up in these burial bandages is the dusty living corpse of a big geek. D.K. and Landon have known each other since high school and have shared many all nighters watching Star Trek and playing video games.
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The Mouse
Dr. Vincent’s Scare Emporium has a bit of a mouse problem. Usually lurking around the store quietly observing the goings on of Landon and Ed, the mouse has been know to cause a spot of trouble every now and again. The mouse’s favorite pastimes include collecting shiny things and playing poker with friends.
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The Lepre-Fonz
The coolest of all the fairy folk, the Lepre-Fonz can be found hanging out under pillows. This is why the underside of your pillow is always cool. Be careful not to touch the Lepre-Fonz’s leather jacket, though. He hates that.
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This Abominable Snowman is the local HVAC repair man. Whenever an air conditioner or refrigerator breaks down in Renfield Square, you can count on Abe to fix the problem fast!
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Dr. Vincent
Owner of Dr. Vincent’s Scare Emporium and average, regular old human, Dr. Vincent is one of the scariest people around Renfield Square.
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Being invisible has it’s advantages, and Herb exploits them to their fullest. Herb is a bit of a jerk, relying on his invisibility to play dirty tricks on gullible people like Ed.
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Other than having a very low bosom temperature, not much is known about this witchy friend of Herb.
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Officer Marsden
One of Renfiend Square’s Finest. Serves with his partner Officer Maguire.
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Officer Maguire
Often seen with his partner, Officer Marsden, Officer Maguire is the go to sketch artist on the Renfield Square Police Department.
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